Upcoming Nerf Wars

- Nerf Wars run by the Olympia Foam Society
- Nerf Wars run by the Pacific Northwest Nerf Club (PaNNC) (the "kingdom-level" group to which the OFS belongs)
- All user-submitted Nerf Wars

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Other Upcoming Events

Events run by other unafiliated organizations which might be of interest to a person who enjoys our hobby.

Our Mission with this calendar is to help our fellow hobbyists discover new events they would enjoy. We want to do what we can to help the increasing variety of awesome Pacific-Northwestern weekend events grow and flourish! You can help by submitting events to be added to this calendar! Thank you!

If the popups don't work, you can always use this page to submit events...

Even MOAR Useful Calendars!

- List of every major SCA event within about 300 miles in any direction from Olympia, WA.
- List of most Amtgard events in Washington State.
- List of nearly all Renaissance Faire events in Washington, which usually include combat sports.
- List of most historical festivals in Washington, which may or may not include combat.