Rules of Play

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Our Gameplay Rules are designed to be simple and intuitive. We aim to accommodate NIC nerfers, HvZ players, and boffer LARPers, while remaining fun and family-friendly.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, we aim to comply with good standards established by larger organizations. For example, our rules simply state that any boffer or melee weapons legal at either Amtgard, or Evergreen State College's Humans Vs Zombies, are legal here. Both of those organizations have safety requirements vetted by teams of lawyers. Our philosophy is to follow the path of standards-compliance rather than re-write every little detail. As such, you will find our rules document short & to-the-point.
Core Gameplay Rules, explained for Amtgard Players
Our core OFS Nerf-combat rules, explained using familiar amtgard concepts.

• As per ditch line, no armor or classes.
• All players are Fragile (a.k.a. all wounds are Wounds-Kill).
• Nerf Blaster projectiles are as per Light Throwing weapons.
• Bazooka projectiles are as per Siege.
      • Destruction of Shields persists even after death+respawn.
      • Destroyed Shields are repaired ONLY on Refresh.

"Bazooka"-type blasters...

In the interest of being inclusive to boffer LARPers, we do allow shields. This makes us somewhat unique, as many NERFing groups ban shields outright because they tend to unbalance games. Shields can be ridiculously over-powered against nerf blasters. Bazooka-type blasters are the answer - they allow us to fairly balance the gameplay without banning any particular style of play.

What counts as a "Bazooka"?

    >>> Bazooka Whitelist <<<

As per the Rules of Play: "Bazooka" projectiles destroy shields, and certain other mission-specific in-game items.

Read our whitelist of the specific models which do and don't count in-game as "bazookas".

Bazooka Visual Guide

    >>>Visual Guide (PDF) <<<

This full-color Visual Guide makes it exceptionally easy to identify what exactly does and does not count in-game as a "bazooka"-type blaster.

OFS-Staff's Bazooka Eval Guide

    >>> Bazooka Eval Guide <<<

When a player brings something totally new which lobs a large enough projectile to potentially be counted as a "bazooka", it will be evaluated by game staff using this very guide. You're welcome to read the guide they follow, so you can get a good idea ahead-of-time whether your new toy is likely to pass muster!